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Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2018

Emergency Telephone Users Surcharge Law


Section 41017

41017. "Private communication service." "Private communication service" shall mean

(a) The communication service furnished to a subscriber which entitles the subscriber—

(1) To exclusive or priority use of any communication channel or groups of channels, or

(2) To the use of an intercommunication system for the subscriber's stations, regardless of whether such channel, groups of channels, or intercommunication system may be connected through switching with a service described in Sections 41015 and 41016,

(b) Switching capacity, extension lines and stations, or other associated services which are provided in connection with, and are necessary or unique to the use of channels or systems described in subdivision (a), and

(c) The channel mileage which connects a telephone station located outside a local telephone system area with a central office in such local telephone system, except that such term shall not include any communication service unless a separate charge is made for such service.