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Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2018

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Fee

Health and Safety Code


Section 105285

105285. Standard of care. (a) After July 1, 1992, but on or before July 1, 1993, the department shall adopt regulations establishing a standard of care, at least as stringent as the most recent United States Centers for Disease Control screening guidelines, whereby all children shall be evaluated for risk of lead poisoning by health care providers during each child's periodic health assessment. The regulations shall be developed in consultation with medical experts, environmental experts, appropriate professional organizations, and the public, as determined by the department.

(b) The standard of care shall provide that, upon evaluation, those children determined to be "at risk" for lead poisoning, according to the regulations adopted pursuant to subdivision (a), shall be screened.

(c) The standard of care shall provide that no child shall be screened pursuant to this article if the parent or guardian of the child refuses to consent to the screening.

(d) The standard of care shall provide that health care providers shall be responsible only for evaluation of all children, for screening of children determined to be at risk, and for medically necessary followup services.

(e) The standard of care established pursuant to this section shall not become operative before April 1, 1993.