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Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2018

Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act Law


Section 22973.1

22973.1. License issuance. (a) The board shall issue a license to a retailer upon receipt of a completed application and payment of the fees prescribed in Section 22973, unless any of the following apply:

(1) The retailer, or if the retailer is not an individual, any person controlling the retailer, has previously been issued a license that is suspended or revoked by the board for violation of any of the provisions of this division.

(2) The application is for a license or renewal of a license for a retail location that is the same retail location as that of a retailer whose license was revoked or is subject to revocation proceedings for violation of any of the provisions of this division, unless:

(A) It has been more than five years since a previous license for the retail location was revoked.

(B) The person applying for the license provides the board with documentation demonstrating that the applicant has acquired or is acquiring the premises or business in an arm's length transaction. For purposes of this section, an "arm's length transaction" is defined as a sale in good faith and for valuable consideration that reflects the fair market value in the open market between two informed and willing parties, neither under any compulsion to participate in the transaction. A sale between relatives, related companies or partners, or a sale for the primary purpose of avoiding the effect of the violations of this division that occurred at the retail location, is presumed not to be made at "arm's length."

(3) The retailer, or if the retailer is not an individual, any person controlling the retailer, has been convicted of a felony pursuant to Section 30473 or 30480 of the Revenue and Taxation Code.

(4) The retailer does not possess all required permits or licenses required under the Revenue and Taxation Code.

(b) (1) Any retailer who is denied a license may petition for a redetermination of the board's denial of the license within 30 days after service upon that retailer of the notice of the denial of the license. If a petition for redetermination is not filed within the 30-day period, the determination of denial becomes final at the expiration of the 30-day period.

(2) Every petition for redetermination shall be in writing and shall state the specific grounds upon which the petition is founded. The petition may be amended to state additional grounds at anytime prior to the date on which the board issues its order or decision upon the petition for redetermination.

(3) If the petition for redetermination is filed within the 30-day period, the board shall reconsider the determination of the denial and, if the retailer has so requested in the petition, shall grant the retailer an oral hearing and shall give the retailer at least 10 days' notice of the time and place of the hearing. The board may continue the hearing from time to time as may be necessary.

(4) The order or decision of the board upon a petition for redetermination becomes final 30 days after mailing of notice thereof.

History.—Stats. 2010, Ch. 607 (AB 2733), in effect January 1, 2011, deleted paragraph (5) of subdivision (b), which stated that "Any notice required by this subdivision shall be served personally or by mail. If by mail, the notice shall be placed in a sealed envelope, with postage paid, addressed to the retailer at the address as it appears in the records of the board. The giving of notice shall be deemed complete at the time of deposit of the notice in the United States Post Office, or a mailbox, subpost office, substation or mail chute or other facility regularly maintained or provided by the United States Postal Service, without extension of time for any reason. In lieu of mailing, a notice may be served personally by delivering to the person to be served and service shall be deemed complete at the time of such delivery. Personal service to a corporation may be made by delivery of a notice to any person designated in the Code of Civil Procedure to be served for the corporation with summons and complaint in a civil action."