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600.0000 WATERCRAFT—Regulation 1594

Annotation 600.0430


600.0430 Fishing Nets within "watercraft" exemption. Lampara fishing nets, purse seine nets and dragnets used in conjunction with watercraft in commercial deep-sea fishing operations outside the territorial waters of California are not taxable. Lampara nets, like purse seine nets, are attached to the boat by means of a cable held by turns on a winch drum. The winch is secured to the deck and is a permanent part of the boat's structure. Purse seine nets have been exempt from tax under section 6368. Based on similarity to purse seine nets, dragnets have been considered exempt from tax. The construction, attachment and use of Lampara nets do not differ materially from purse seine nets or dragnets, and are therefore also considered to fall within the "Watercraft" exemption. 12/2/74.