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590.0000 VENDING MACHINE OPERATORS—Regulation 1574

Annotation 590.0800

590.0800 Vending Machines. A vending machine is filled with small toys which requires the skill of the player in operating a claw before a toy is dispensed. If an appreciable skill is required, and the primary purpose of the machine is to provide entertainment by challenging a player to display the skill of operating the jaw, no tax would apply to the charge for that entertainment. The vending machine operator would be the consumer of the product dispensed.

In general, if a vending machine dispenses tangible personal property to nearly everyone, then the primary purpose of the machine is to sell tangible personal property and the tax application on the sales from this vending machine is governed by Regulation 1574. If there is no assurance that a player will ever receive any tangible personal property, i.e., that receiving any tangible personal property is dependent upon the players skills or knowledge, then receipts from these types of vending machines are not subject to tax. 6/18/93.