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Annotation 565.0060


565.0060 Job Corps Centers. Effective October 16, 1986, pursuant to 29 USCA 1707, a sale of tangible personal property to or by, or purchase of tangible personal property by, the operator of a Job Corps Center, program, or activity under contract with the U.S. Department of Labor is exempt from sales or use tax. Such exemption applies even though the tangible personal property will be used to improve real property within sections 6007.5 and 6384. Such exemption is not retroactive. For periods prior to October 16, 1986, sales by a Job Corps Center, program, or activity were taxable, and sales to or purchases by a Job Corps Center, program or activity were taxable unless title to the tangible personal property passed from the Job Corps Center, program, or activity to the United States prior to use, and the tangible personal property was not used in improving real property. 6/12/87.