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Annotation 515.0973


515.0973 Diet Analysis Reports. Taxpayer prepares individualized diet analysis reports from information submitted by persons in response to a questionnaire requested from the taxpayer. A computer analysis of the dietary information is prepared and bound and returned to the customer, along with a specified number of pamphlets on nutrition. Additional pamphlets are available for a fee. A $2.00 charge is made for postage and handling on the shipment of the analysis report and pamphlets.

The analysis of the dietary information is an exempt service resulting in a report based on customer furnished information even though some tangible personal property is incidentally transferred. The pamphlets furnished with the report are sold and are subject to tax unless exempted for some other reason such as sales in interstate commerce. The measure of tax for these pamphlets is the same for additional pamphlets ordered separately. The postage and handling charge is exempt to the extent of the actual cost of postage, separately stated on the sales document, and the portion of the handling charge pertaining to the report, provided the records support the portion claimed as exempt. 4/3/91.