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500.0000 SALES TO COMMON CARRIERS—Regulation 1621

Annotation 500.0050

500.0050 Bunker Fuel. A trading company also operates a bunker business. The company never uses any fuel oil or Marine diesel for its own use. All business transactions are strictly paperwork. As the vessel owners do not have credit with the suppliers, they hire a broker. The broker will use a trading house, like this company, to buy the fuel from the supplier, on the trading house's account. The trading company will in turn sell it to the vessel owner.

The trading company is a retailer of the bunker fuel and the measure of tax would include any charges for overtime and any other additional charge related to the sale of the fuel. Any charge for barging also would be subject to tax unless it meets the requirements of separately stated charges for transportation (see Regulation 1628). The entire charge is subject to sales tax, with the possible exception of the transportation charges. 5/14/92.