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Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2018

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495.0000 SALE

Annotation 495.0485


495.0485 Transfer of a Lease of Mobile Transportation Equipment Held in a Trust. Company B is a lessor of mobile transportation equipment (MTE) leasing to Company D and reporting use tax measured by fair rental value. The lease is held in a trust, with Company B as trustee and Company C as the beneficiary of the trust. Company A acquires the lease from Company B and, in accordance with trust documents, Company A is substituted as the new trustee and lessor. Also, the beneficial ownership in the trust is transferred from Company C to Company E.

Based on the above, the MTE remains the property of the trust after a new trustee and beneficiary are substituted for the old and, therefore, there is no sale of the MTE. Since the election to pay tax on fair rental value is irrevocable if there is no sale, the trust must continue to pay tax on the fair rental value.

Even if there is a sale of the MTE to a new lessor, the new lessor may also elect to pay use tax on the fair rental value by issuing a resale certificate and paying tax on fair rental value. The election must be made on a timely filed return for the period in which the sale occurred if the property is subject to a lease at the time the sale occurred. 5/5/93.