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495.0000 SALE

Annotation 495.0199


495.0199 Delivery of Vehicle for Out-of-State Dealer. An out-of-state new car dealer (not engaged in business in California) sold a vehicle to a company in California for delivery to a winner of a raffle held by the company. The out-of-state dealer ordered the vehicle from the factory which delivered it to California Dealer A for redelivery to the winner of the raffle. Dealer A was instructed by the company to collect the California sales tax and license fees from the winner.

However, the winner did not want to take delivery of the vehicle. Instead, the winner asked Dealer A to transport the vehicle to Dealer B located in another town. The winner then took delivery of a different vehicle and paid the cost difference to Dealer B. Dealer B collected "sales tax" and license fees on the replacement vehicle and offered the original raffle prize vehicle for sale.

This transaction falls within the provisions of the second paragraph of section 6007. Dealer A is considered the retailer of the vehicle it delivered and it owes sales tax on that sale. Dealer A may collect sales tax reimbursement if the contract so provides. The company who purchased the vehicle may be able to obtain payment from the winner for taxes it pays as a result of its contract and rules of the raffle. In any case, the Board will look to Dealer A for payment of the sales tax on the transaction.

Dealer A does not make a sales for resale to Dealer B. The winner's purchase of a more expensive vehicle is nothing more than a car purchased with a trade-in. Dealer B will be obligated to pay sales tax on the sale of the replacement vehicle. 9/23/96.