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Annotation 465.1549


465.1549 Statute of Limitations. An opinion was requested as to the proper application of the statute of limitations where a taxpayer with no permit files a return covering specific periods.

The language in the first sentence of section 6487 supports the position that, at any time within a three year period following the filing of a return, additional tax may be asserted for the period covered by the return. Applied literally, this could mean that if a return is filed covering a ten year period during which no returns were filed, the Board could wait three years and then issue a determination covering thirteen years. In the same situation, if the taxpayer did not file a return, the determination could only go back eight years. It is noted that section 6487 was amended in 1951 to add the eight-year limitation period in cases of failure to file a return. It is not believed that the thrust of the amendment to limit the period to eight years can be avoided by a taxpayer filing a return which is then used as the basis for keeping the early periods open for an additional three years. 11/21/73.