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Annotation 465.0074


(1) Generally

465.0074 Reliance on Written Advice—Identifying Taxpayer. A taxpayer's representative wrote a letter to the Board's legal staff regarding the application of tax to its client's operations without identifying the client's name. The Board's response to the representative's letter did not come within the provisions of section 6596 since the client's name was not identified to the Board. The representative subsequently wrote another letter which identified the client in the previous letter in order that the client may rely on the written advice the representative received from the Board.

Letters falling within the parameters of section 6596 are never "retroactive" to the date of any other correspondence. Thus, the taxpayer may not rely on previous correspondence from the Board to an unidentified taxpayer even if the factual situation in the letter to the unidentified taxpayer is identical to the situation of the identified taxpayer. This is true even though the representative now states that the taxpayer was the unidentified person in the previous correspondence. If the taxpayer had wanted an opinion coming within section 6596 in response to its first letter, the client had to have been identified in that request. 2/16/96.