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432.0000 PRINTED SALES MESSAGES—Regulation 1541.5

Annotation 432.0099

432.0099 Schedule of Events. A publication contains a schedule of various performances and events. Two versions are published, one is for paid subscribers and the other is given away free at music stores. The purchaser was a ticket brokerage firm. The publication also includes advertisements. At issue here is whether or not the schedule of events in the publication constitutes advertising which will result in the advertising portion of the publication to exceed 90 percent of the total printed area.

In this case, the schedules are intended to induce recipients of the publication to purchase tickets from the ticket brokers. Accordingly, the scheduled information is regarded as advertising. The publication, therefore, does not qualify as an exempt periodical.

However, the printed matter in the publication is the type of printed sales messages specified in the statute, section 6379.5. Accordingly, those publications delivered to persons other than the buyer and at no cost to the recipients would qualify for the exemption provided for printed sales messages. 12/23/93.