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425.0000 PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES—Regulation 1591

Annotation 425.0822.350


425.0822.350 Simplate Products. Simplate Products are sterile, disposable devices that are used to make uniform incisions for bleeding time tests. The spring-loaded blades are contained in a convenient, easy to use plastic housing. When triggered on the forearm, a Simplate is designed to provide one or two incisions. The device is available in four configurations:

Simplate with a single blade

Simplate II with dual blades

Simplate R with a single retractable blade

Simplate II R with dual retractable blades

The Simplate products are in the nature of instruments, apparatus, contrivances, appliances, and devices which are specifically excluded from the definition of the term medicine. Therefore, the Simplate products do not qualify as exempt medicines. 5/10/90.