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425.0000 PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES—Regulation 1591

Annotation 425.0615.350


425.0615.350 Orthotic Devices. The following items qualify as exempt orthotic devices when sold to a physician for treatment of a patient or sold directly to a patient pursuant to a doctor's order or prescription: Dricast Orthopedics

  • Miracle Knee Supports—TH109, TH209, TH309, TH409, TH509, TH609
  • Neoprene and Felt Buttress Pads—TH190, TH191
  • Stabilizer Brace—TH192
  • Brace Hinge w/hyperextension stop TH193 B
  • Interior Patellar Pull Component—TH193 B
  • Lateral Release Pad—TH195
  • Lumbro—Sacral Back Supports—TH101, TH201, TH301
  • Rib Belt—TH401
  • Abdominal Support—TH501
  • Thigh Calf Support—TH104
  • Magic Wrist Support—TH107
  • Ankle Elbow Support—TH108 A&B
  • Tennis Elbow Support—TH108 C
  • Wonder Straps—TH197—Exempt if sold as part of a support item.
  • Pressure Dots—TH198—Exempt if sold as part of a support item.
  • Flexible Ice Inserts—FI4—Exempt if sold as part of a support item.
  • Ezy Wrap (Professional Product Inc.)
  • 840 Ankle Brace
  • Arm Sling—#2341
  • Velcro Elastic Bandage's—#4792
  • Wrist/Forearm Supports—#901, 903, 905, 907
  • Thumb/Finger Splints—#2552
  • Hinged Knee Brace—#1267
  • MediUSA
  • Genumedi—Elastic Knee Support
  • Levamedi—Elastic Ankle Support
  • Epicomed—Elastic Elbow Support
  • OMNI Scientific
  • OMNI II Bi-Lateral Knee Support
  • Anderson Knee Stable Knee Brace
  • OS-5 Off—The Shelf Custom Knee Brace
  • TS-7—Custom Knee Brace
  • Orthoglass
  • Orthoglass Fiberglass Splinting (Casting) Material
  • Orthoglass Elastic Bondage
  • Swede—O Padded Ankle Support The following items do not qualify as exempt orthotic devices:
  • Orthopedic Product Sales
  • Healers Heel Silicone Support
  • Kool Kubes
  • Kool Kube Ice Cubes and Mats
  • Orthoglass
  • Fishers Razor—Edge Scissors
  • Parker Medical Support
  • UCO 4PF Heal Bed Foot Orthotic System
  • UCO Pre-Molded Foot Orthotics
  • Chattanooga Corporation
  • Viscolas Foot Orthotics
  • Full-Cushion Insoles
  • Heel Cushions
  • Heel Spear Cushions
  • Metatarsal Pads
  • Longitudinal Arch Pads
  • Corrective Heel Wedges
  • Neuroma Pads
  • Toe Crest Pads
  • Viscolas Hand Exerciser
  • Viscolas Waffle Pattern Fabric. 6/1/90.