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425.0000 PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES—Regulation 1591

Annotation 425.0483.200


425.0483.200 Items Excluded from the Term Medicine. The following items are excluded from the term medicine pursuant to Regulation 1591(c)(2) and, therefore, the gross receipts from their sales are subject to tax:

Airway (Adult) Labels
Airway (Infant) Laceration Tray
Airway Mook
Adapter Needle
Apron Needle Counter
Arm Board Pillow Cover
Blade Scissors
Blade and Needle Guard Shoe Covers
Bandage—Elastic Sponge
Bandage—Esmark Staple Extractor
Bandage—Kling Elastic Stethoscope
Cabinet 42C7 Stopclock
Disposable Bed Pan Syringe
Dust Cover Table Paper
EZ Prep Tray Tape
Forceps Tongue Blade
Gauze Tourniquet
Glove Tray
Gown Wash Basin
IV Pole X-ray Cape. 3/17/88.