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425.0000 PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES—Regulation 1591

Annotation 425.0293


425.0293 Cryomat and Cryopak. Cryomat and Cryopak are both reusable liquid filled therapeutic ice products used by medical doctors, physical therapists, and others for the treatment of such injuries as contusions, sprains, strains, etc. Both products are externally placed on the part of the body where treatment is desired. The only difference between Cryomat and Cryopak is in their configuration. Cryomat consists of an 11x16 sheet of liquid filled pouches and Cryopak has pouches individually separated from each other to allow greater ease and versatility in treating acute contours of the human body.

The use of Cryomat and Cryopak is not an external application of a substance or preparation as contemplated by section 6369(b). The injured area being treated will experience a cold sensation resulting from the cold liquid pouches, however, no ingredient or comparable component of Cryomat or Cryopak is absorbed by the body. Therefore, Cryomat and Cryopak are not "medicines" and their sale is subject to tax. 4/6/88.