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425.0000 PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES—Regulation 1591

Annotation 425.0168.165


425.0168.165 Vehicle Modified for Use to Transport Handicapped Persons. A leasing company leases and sells vehicles to a firm (Corporation) engaged in the business of transporting handicapped persons. After the purchase and prior to the lease and sale, the leasing company modified these vehicles to accommodate the needs of the handicapped persons.

Under subdivision (a) of section 6369.4, an exemption from sales and use tax measured by the gross receipts of materials purchased or used to modify a vehicle to accommodate handicapped persons is only available at the time the modifications are performed. If there is a subsequent sale or resale of the vehicle after the modifications have been performed, the exemption is available for the portion of the sales price attributable to the modifications only if the purchaser of the vehicle is a disabled person eligible to be issued a license plate or placard for parking privileges accorded to disabled persons pursuant to section 22511.5 of the Vehicle Code. Since the transportation firm, as a corporation entity, cannot be considered a "disabled person who is eligible to be issued a distinguishing plate or placard," the transfer of the vehicles to the corporation do not qualify for the exemption. 6/24/97.