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410.0000 PERMITS—Regulation 1699

Annotation 410.0010


410.0010 Auction Sales—Determining Number of Sales. An auction may be a sale of one item or a sale of a "lot" (a number of items) to a single bidder. In either case, the transaction would be regarded as a single sale for purposes of the Sales Tax Law. As is commonly the case, an auction may consist of a number of sales of tangible personal property. The general rule is that each time the hammer drops there has been a sale. This is true whether there are sales to several bidders or several sales to the same bidder. Accordingly, an auction sale by a public administrator of the assets of an estate would require the holding of a permit if there are more than two substantial sales per estate during a twelve month period. Thus, if two substantial sales were made, a seller's permit is required even though only one or two auctions of the estate's property are held during a twelve month period. 9/7/84.