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Annotation 395.2110


(1) Mergers

395.2110 Property Acquired and Used Under Occasional Sale. Company X purchases tangible personal property ex-tax for resale. Rather than reselling the property, Company X contributes it to Company Y in a nontaxable commencing corporation transfer. Company Y leases the property to Company Z. Companies Y and Z thereafter merge.

Company X is required to report and pay use tax on its purchase price of the property. It improperly purchased the property for resale since its intent was to transfer the property to Company Y in a nontaxable commencing corporation transaction and not to resell the property. Company Y's lease of the property to Company Z is subject to tax since Company Y did not pay tax on its purchase price (nor could it since it did not purchase the property). Company Y's use of the property is not subject to tax without regard to whether such use occurs upon termination of the lease or after merging into Company Z.

This situation differs from Annotations 330.3650 (12/11/86) and 395.2150 (9/23/71) in that in these annotations, it is the disappearing company's purchase price of the property purchased for resale that is subject to tax if, after the merger, the surviving company uses the property rather than reselling, as is often the case when one of the parties to a merger was making a taxable lease of property to the other party to a merger. This rule does not apply here since the lessor was not a purchaser and could use the property itself (as opposed to selling it in a lease or otherwise) without tax liability. 8/25/97. (M98–3).