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385.0000 NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS—Regulation 1590

Annotation 385.2100


385.2100 Miscellaneous. The following publications, as constituted at date of correspondence, have been held exempt, assuming publication with required frequency:

Ascot Lodge Bulletin; Diplodocus; Printing Industries Association Bulletin; Clinical Osteopathy; Olive View-Point; Market Basket News; Trends; Packard-Bell; Skid Marks; Immanuel Messenger; Monthly Review; "12-L" News; Photofact Folder Sets; Photofact Index; Temple Topics; Scottish Rite Bulletin; The Civic Voice; Cantwell Columbia, Healing Hope; The Brief; The Hospital News; This Week in Review; World News of the Week; Popular Home; "AIA Chapter of Southern California"; "Rotary Breeze" (mimeographed); "Laguna Beach Country Club News Bulletin" (mimeographed); "The Voice of the Grower"; The Bally-Hoo; Los Angeles School Journal; So. California Grocers Journal; Relief Valve; Savings and Loan Journal; Los Angeles County Employee; Fibreboard Review; "The Hour Glass"; "The First Presbyterian Church Periodical;" "Tropical Aquarist;" "Long Beach Municipal Employee;" "Fairways," "Golden State News," "Seaboard Mason and Eastern Star"; "Monthly Calendar"; "Kiwanian of Angeles Mesa;" "The Exchange Hollywoodian"; "California Certified Public Accountant." 6/21/51.