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340.0000 MAILING LISTS AND SERVICES—Regulation 1504

Annotation 340.0148

340.0148 Processor of Credit Card Transactions. A processor of credit card transactions contracts with banks and airlines to process their credit card transactions. The processor receives charge account sales documents or tapes reflecting the transactions and enters the information from those documents in its computer system. The resulting charge account statements are mailed out. The processor's charges and their tax applications are set forth below.

(1) The credit card company (e.g., Visa, Mastercard) distributes lists (hard copy) of bad card numbers to merchants. The credit card company bills the credit card processor who in turn bills its customers with a mark-up.

Charges for these lists of bad card numbers are either taxable as sales of additional copies of records or tabulations pursuant to Regulation 1502(d)(5)(F) or taxable as printed matter under Regulation 1541(a), depending upon further facts.

(2) A charge is made to the credit card processor's customers for a mailer sent to credit card holders notifying them that their credit cards have been mailed.

Charges for notices sent to cardholders are for sales of printed matter and are taxable. Charges for services rendered in preparing material for mailing are, however, nontaxable pursuant to Regulation 1504(c). The charge for the printed matter should be separately stated from the charges for mailing services. 5/22/84.