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Annotation 335.0083.750

335.0083.750 Transfer of an Aircraft without Consideration. An aircraft was transferred by an individual to a corporation which will not pay any consideration to the individual or any other person in exchange for the contribution of the aircraft to its capital. It will not issue stock or other securities or assume any indebtedness or other liability in connection with the transfer. The transfer is not a sale or purchase under sections 6006(a) and 6010(a) respectively since no consideration was involved in the transfer. The completion of the Bill of Sale for FAA purposes, which recites formalities of consideration, will not change this conclusion provided there actually is no consideration paid by the corporation or received by the individual in exchange for the transfer of the aircraft. Since the transfer is not a sale or purchase, there is no sales or use tax with respect to the transfer. The corporation's subsequent lease of the aircraft, which is a lease of mobile transportation equipment, is also not subject to use tax. 3/3/89.