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Annotation 330.4185


330.4185 Use of Master Printing Plates—Training Schools. A taxpayer provides seminar services and training to companies in the area of sales and services. In some instances, the taxpayer also provides the client with training program material and/or master plates from which the client can print the material themselves. There is a fee for the use of master plates and a license for the right to use these plates which must be returned by the date specified in the contract.

If the taxpayer does not make a separate charge for the training materials which it furnishes to participants when providing significant education services including classroom instructions, then the taxpayer is regarded as the consumer of such materials and tax applies to the cost of such materials to the taxpayer. If, however, the taxpayer makes a separate charge for such materials, the taxpayer is a retailer of such property and tax applies to such charges.

However, when the master plates are furnished, the taxpayer is leasing the master plates to its customers since there is a transfer of possession of the plates to the customer. Thus, the rental receipts from such leases are subject to use tax since plates are not in substantially the same form as acquired by the taxpayers. Such taxable amounts include the fee for the use of the plates and the license fee for the right to use the plates. Taxpayer's charges for the plates (rental receipts) are taxable whether separately stated or not. 1/27/94.