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Annotation 330.3435


330.3435 Luxury Tax—Qualifying Lease. Revenue and Taxation Code section 6012 excludes taxes imposed by the United States upon or with respect to retail sales. The federal luxury tax is a tax on retail sales which includes leases. When a lessor of a qualifying lease elects to pay the luxury tax up front, he or she is paying a federal excise tax on the lease which is a retail sale. Qualifying lease is a lease with a term of one year or more. Thus, the luxury tax on the lease is a tax imposed by the United States upon or with respect to retail sale, and is excluded from gross receipts. Assuming that the lease is a continuing sale and purchase, the amount excluded is a portion of each rental payment which, if the rental payments are equal, is calculated by dividing the total amount of the luxury tax by the number of rental payments due under the initial term of the lease.

Where the luxury tax is imposed on rental payments, the amount of the luxury tax on each rental payment is excludable from the measure of tax whether the luxury tax is separately stated or included in the rental payments set forth in the lease. Also, if the lessor elects to pay the luxury tax up front and the lessee reimburses the lessor for the tax at the beginning of the lease, the reimbursement is not included in the measure of tax. 6/22/92.