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Annotation 300.0054

300.0054 Hospital Charges to Patients. Charges to patients for items of tangible personal property which either are not "administered" or for which a separate administration charge is made constitute retail sales. This is the case whether the payments made are based on the specific amount of service or quantity of property provided or a "flat rate" based on a pre-approved schedule of services (e.g., a per capita rate, a per diem rate, etc.).

In instances where the hospital provides administration of property and no separate charge is made, the hospital is the consumer.

If the hospital maintains a tax paid inventory, a tax-paid purchases resold deduction is allowable in cases where the hospital makes a separate charge for nonadministered items or makes a separate charge for administration of administered items.

In those instances where billings to insurance companies are subject to a "contract allowance" whereby it is understood that the amount paid will be less than the amount billed, the unpaid amount is a discount to be taken at the time of the transaction, not a bad debt to be taken later. 5/23/88. (Am. 2003–3).

(Note: Changes to Regulation 1503, effective June 1, 2001, replaced the "administered vs. nonadministered" concept with the new procedures specified in subdivision (b)(2).)