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Annotation 295.1050


295.1050 Equipment Exchange. A firm manufacturers and sells fault tolerant large mainframe computer systems and fairly large minicomputer systems. The firm also helps its customers relocate their data centers. The firm is considering offering an option whereby the firm would place its reconditioned equipment at the new location. Once the system at the new location is functional and the application programs have been transferred, the customer's equipment at the old location would be removed and returned to the manufacturer. The equipment swapped would be unit-for-unit, of equivalent condition.

The transaction would result in the manufacturer making a retail sale of equipment to the customer with the manufacturer taking the customer's equipment as a trade-in. The gross receipts of the sale include the fair market value of the equipment traded in and any other consideration paid by the customer for the swap. Charges for labor for services used in installing the equipment sold would be excluded from the measure of tax. 2/18/93.