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Annotation 295.0946


295.0946 Financing Transaction. Company A entered into an agreement with Company B to purchase a mainframe computer for a cash price of $4,895,800. The agreement indicated a $100,000 reduction in the cash price (labeled "credit") on the first installment payment if A used B's financing plan. The installment payment agreement shows a finance charge of $238,432.64 computed on the $4,895,800 cash price at an annual percentage rate of 10.52%. Company A requested an opinion regarding the sales tax consequences.

The $100,000 is not the type of credit referred to in section 6012 as part of the taxable measure since A would not receive additional consideration of $100,000 from B over and above the sales price for the computer. Instead, A would deduct the amount due on the first installment payment by $100,000.

However, not all of the $100,000 would constitute a nontaxable discount allowance. A portion of the $100,000 must be allocated to a reduction in the finance charges. The allocation is the difference between the finance charge on the $4,895,800 and the amount of finance charges computed based on the stated interest rate of 10.52% computed on the discounted price. 9/27/89.