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Annotation 295.0754


295.0754 Wedding Functions. A wedding consultant/planner makes all of the arrangements necessary for a wedding. The consultant's charges and the corresponding tax application are set forth below:

(a) Wedding cakes. Charges by a caterer for the issuing of food provided by others are subject to tax under Regulation 1603(h). Therefore, charges for providing the wedding cake and the charges for the cutting and serving of cake are subject to tax.

(b) Accommodations. When the accommodation charges relate to sales to tangible personal property, they are subject to tax. Thus, charges for accommodation of staff who will serve meals must be included in the measure of tax for sales of those meals.

(c) Musicians/entertainers. Assuming these performers are not used in connection with the sale of any tangible personal property nor are they used in connection with the service of food, amounts paid for these performers are not subject to tax.

(d) Set-up/tear-down labor. If these amounts are connected to the sale of the tangible personal property or the service of the meals, charges for set-up and tear-down are included in the measure of tax. 3/22/94.