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Annotation 295.0725


295.0725 Television Filming Sets. A taxpayer is engaged in designing, constructing and selling or renting scenery used in filming television commercials. The taxpayer assembles the sets at its own facilities so that approval can be obtained from its customers prior to filming. After approval, the set is disassembled, transported to the studio and reassembled. Separate charges are made for setup, stand by during filming, disassembly, transportation, and art direction.

If the standby and disassembly are optional, the charges are not subject to tax. If the reassembly is optional, and title or possession are passed to the customer prior to reassembly, tax does not apply to the charges.

Art direction involves a person who ensures the set looks good on film and decides what props are needed. This person also is responsible for watching the monitor during filming and making changes that may be needed. The portion of the charge that relates to the designing and construction of the sets is a service that is part of the sale and subject to tax. The portion related to work done during the filming is a service related to the filming and is nontaxable, if such charges are optional. 10/7/94.