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Annotation 295.0722


295.0722 Telephone Inquiry and Telecommunications Services. As part of a taxpayer's subscription price for a taxable publication, a subscriber is provided with a toll-free telephone number with which the customer can obtain more specific information about carrier services covered in the publication. This toll-free number is operated by a third party. In addition, the taxpayer and the third party provide a different telecommunication service which is sold independent of subscription to the publication. A subscriber to the service could, by telephone, acquire access information regarding U.S. postal rates as well as overnight courier services, rates, etc.

Since the telephone service is provided as a part of the taxable sales of the publication and the subscriber does not have the option to acquire the publication without the telephone service, tax applies to charges allocable to the telephone service included in the subscription price. However, since the telecommunications service may be purchased without subscribing to the publication, sales of the service are not subject to tax. 9/14/87.