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Annotation 295.0720


295.0720 Suit Clubs. A merchant organizes a suit club for a fraternal organization whose members will pay a specified amount each week for fifty weeks, at which time the merchant will provide the member a suit. In addition, each week the name of a member is drawn. The winner obtains a suit and may at that time cease his weekly payments. Alternatively, the member can continue to make his weekly payments and he will receive a second suit. The fraternal organization receives a percentage of the receipts and the balance is paid to the merchant.

The merchant is making taxable retail sales of all suits, including those furnished to the weekly winner. A seller may not deduct from the measure of sales tax the costs of salesmen's commissions. Here, however, the merchant is not paying the fraternal organization a commission. Rather, its members are making a contribution to their organization as part of the suit club. Only the amounts actually paid to the merchant are subject to tax. 4/18/52.