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Annotation 295.0625


295.0625 Photo Canvassing. A photographic firm obtains orders for home portraits through canvassers. The photographs are taken by the firm's photographer. The proofs are returned to the canvassers who take them to the customers and attempt to obtain additional orders. When the canvassers obtain additional orders for prints, a down payment is made and the customers receive an invoice showing the total sales price, down payment and amount due. The prints are made up and mailed C.O.D. to the customers. Sometimes the customers refuse to accept the prints which are returned to the firm. In such cases, the firm does not return the down payment.

Under the circumstances, since the photographs have been made to the special order of the customers and the down payment was made, the sales were consummated. Therefore, the invoiced amounts are taxable gross receipts but the firm is entitled to a deduction for bad debts with respect to the unpaid balances. 11/10/65.