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Annotation 295.0377


295.0377 Manufacturer's Fuel Cost Reimbursement to Dealers. A vehicle manufacturer has a program where its dealers are to ensure that customers receive a full tank of fuel with the purchase of a new vehicle. Dealers are reimbursed for their cost, based on the difference between the vehicle's fuel tank capacity and the number of gallons placed in the tank at the factory. Gasoline in the tank of a vehicle at the time of sale is considered to be sold as part of the vehicle because title and possession of the fuel transfers to the buyer along with the vehicle. In this situation, the manufacturer is asking dealers to promote the program by requiring a full tank of fuel with the sale of all new vehicles. The credit granted by the manufacturer under the above fuel tank program should be characterized as an adjustment to the purchase price of the vehicle and not part of the dealership's gross receipts. 7/13/88; 5/20/96.