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Annotation 295.0365


295.0365 License to Use Music Furnished for Reproduction on Customer's Tapes. An owner of tape recorded music who has not paid tax or tax reimbursement on the finished tapes at the time he acquired them makes a taxable lease of the tapes and the measure of tax includes charges for a license to use the music where he furnishes the tapes to a customer or to a sound laboratory at the direction of the customer with the understanding that the sound laboratory will record the music on tapes furnished by the customer and bill him accordingly, that the original tapes will then be returned to the owner, and that the owner will charge the customer for a license to use the music.

The same result follows where the owner rents the tapes to a customer for a specified, annual charge and then charges him also for a license to use the music when and if such use is made.

The charges by the sound laboratory are also subject to tax. 11/12/74.