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Annotation 295.0035.820


295.0035.820 Cash Redemption Value (Recycling Fee). The Cash Redemption Value (CRV) fee applies to nonrefillable containers such as those used for beverages. The CRV is imposed upon the wholesaler, who passes the cost on to the retailer, who passes the cost on to the purchaser of the beverage. Therefore, the CRV amount is an expense to the retailer and a part of the "gross receipts" collected from its customer.

The CRV law requires the retailers to separately state the CRV amount in advertising and on shelf-pricing, and retailers are permitted (but not required) to add the amount as a separate amount at the cash register. The CRV amount is not a true deposit for sales and use tax purposes because the CRV amount is not returned by the retailer to the customer, but is recovered from a third party at the recycling center. There is no exclusion for the CRV amount from the measure subject to sales or use tax, even though those amounts may be itemized to the customer and the amount is therefore included in the measure of tax. 7/10/96.