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Annotation 210.0194


210.0194 Leased Equipment Held For Resale by Lessee. Taxpayer manufactures and sells specialized equipment. The taxpayer sold a piece of this equipment to a Financial Institution (FI) and leased it back. The lease agreement was for 36 months with an option to purchase the equipment for $251, consisting of an "option price" of $1 and a "termination fee" of $250. The purchase price exceeds the limits for a purchase option to be considered "nominal" under Regulation 1660 and therefore the contract is a true lease. The FI did not issue a resale certificate nor was sales tax paid at the time of the sale to the FI. The FI billed the taxpayer use tax on the monthly lease amount, but the taxpayer refused to pay the use tax contending that the equipment is held for resale and is used specifically for nontaxable demonstration purposes.

Under these specific facts, the taxpayer has used this method for financing what amounts to a part of its resale inventory. Whether the contract between the taxpayer and the FI is a lease or not, under these specific facts the taxpayer is holding the equipment for resale. Thus, no tax applies until the taxpayer sells the equipment. The taxpayer may properly issue a resale certificate to the financing company for the equipment. 12/29/95.