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195.0000 CONTAINERS AND LABELS—Regulation 1589

Annotation 195.1926


195.1926 Neck Hangers. Neck hangers are sold to purchasers who attach them to nonreturnable containers of property which is sold. They are, for example, placed on a champagne bottle describing the contents thereof or for other promotional purposes. The neck hangers in question fall into three categories:

(1) This neck hanger is a form which lists three charities, one of which a purchaser of a bottle of wine may choose. The winery will send a donation of two dollars to that charity.

(2) This is a neck hanger which is a pocket planner.

(3) This neck hanger consists of advertising printed matter.

These neck hangers do not describe the contents of the bottles nor do they instruct the application or use of the bottles' contents. Rather, each is either a charity designation form, a pocket planner, or an advertisement. Therefore, these neck hangers do not qualify as labels.

The category 3 neck hangers are brochures whose principal purposes is advertising or promoting the sale of the bottles upon which they are placed. Thus, they are printed sales messages but they do not qualify for exemption because the neck hanger is delivered to the purchaser, (the winery) who places them on the bottles before they are sold and delivered to the grocery stores. (Regulation 1541.5(b).) 07/02/96.