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190.0000 CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS—Regulation 1521

Annotation 190.1627


190.1627 Gas Ranges—Sales by Builder of Apartment House. Free standing gas ranges/ovens may be sold for resale to the builder of an apartment house who will resell the ranges and the apartment house upon completion. It is immaterial that the seller of the ranges may install them in the appropriate place within each apartment. The builder should issue a proper resale certificate in a timely manner, as prescribed in Regulation 1668. In the absence of a proper certificate, the sale would be presumed to be a retail sale pursuant to section 6091 of the Sales and Use Tax Law, unless other evidence is submitted to show that the item was resold.

"Built-in" ranges and ovens, on the other hand, are either fixtures or materials and their sale and installation are governed by Regulation 1521. The regulation provides that the contractor who furnishes and installs such items is the consumer of materials and the retailer of fixtures. The installing contractor does not make a sale for resale and may not accept a resale certificate for such items. 8/23/60.