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Annotation 175.0148.750

175.0148.750 Sales of "Personal Picture" Certificates. A California taxpayer sells to customers "personal picture" certificates which are redeemable for personalized picture items such as personalized calendars, business cards with picture, postcards, etc. The taxpayer purchases the certificates from a supplier located out of state. The customer mails the certificate (along with a picture and text) to the out-of-state supplier. The supplier then ships the finished product directly to the customer on the taxpayer's behalf.

Under these facts, the taxpayer is regarded as the retailer of the personalized calendars, postcards, etc., purchased by the customers. Under this arrangement, title to these items passes from the out-of-state supplier to the taxpayer (and then from the taxpayer to the customer) outside this state when the out-of-state supplier completes its responsibilities with respect to physical delivery of the property. (See Cal. U. Com. Code section 2401.) Since title to this property passes outside this state, the taxpayer's customers owe use tax measured by the purchase price of the property. The taxpayer is responsible to collect this tax from its customers and remit it to the Board since the taxpayer is the retailer of these goods. (Section 6203.) 7/02/96.