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Annotation 175.0140

175.0140 Premiums Offered by Manufacturers. A cereal manufacturer advertises on its cereal boxes that premiums (e.g., jump ropes, space weights) may be purchased for an agreed price, plus proof of purchases (box tops) of the cereal. The cereal manufacturer contracts with the supplier of the premiums that the supplier will (1) purchase the premiums; (2) handle the orders; (3) mail the premiums; (4) collect the price; (5) pay the cereal manufacturer a commission on a per sale basis; (6) handle complaints; and (7) maintain premium quality standards. Orders are addressed by reference to the premium offer (e.g., jump rope offer, space weights offer, etc.) at a post office box. The advertising describes the premium offer as made by the cereal manufacturer. The advertising does not identify the supplier of the premiums.

Given such facts, the cereal manufacturer is holding itself out to customers as the retailer of the premiums (chiefly by product identification) and is liable for the sales tax, or has a duty to collect use tax if nexus with California is present. For the cereal manufacturer to avoid the sale tax or use tax collection duty, the advertising on the cereal box must clearly identify the premium supplier for whom the advertising is performed so that it is clear to customers that the cereal manufacturer is merely providing advertising for an identified premium retailer. 7/21/87.