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Annotation 170.0008.925


170.0008.925 Lien Against Documented Vessel. Since a vessel is personal property, a lien against a vessel would normally be filed in the California Secretary of State's office or as a lien attaching to a title certificate issued by a state agency. However, the Federal Government has pre-empted any state law providing for the registration of title to, or liens against, documented vessels. Federal law directs California to record any liens against a documented vessel with the U.S. Coast Guard rather than the procedure provided in the California Government Code.

Under the federal registration system for documented vessels, the recording of a Notice of Claim with the U.S. Coast Guard is the sole method of providing record notice to potential purchasers of the Board's claim against the vessel. Any purchaser of the vessel is deemed to have notice to the Board's lien by the recordation of the Notice of Claim with the U.S. Coast Guard. There is no requirement under California law that any personal property must be physically located in California at the time that a lien against that property is filed or recorded. If the vessel is returned to California and federal law permits, the vessel will be subject to the Board's collection procedures. 5/12/97.