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Annotation 150.0290

150.0290 Lease of a Steam Generating Plant. The sale of a steam generating plant which is a building or structure of a fixed work under Regulation 1521, when severance is not contemplated, is a sale of an interest in realty even though the land is not sold. Following the sale, the facility is leased. The facility does not lose its character as an improvement to realty under the lease contract. It is true that the facility incorporates within it items which would be classified as "fixtures" under Regulation 1521. Regulation 1596(c) applies to transfers of fixtures, but the lease contract involves the lease of a building, not merely the sale or lease of fixtures. Under Regulation 1660(d)(7), leased fixtures are classified as "tangible personal property" unless the lessor of the fixtures is also the lessor of the realty. Here the realty is the structure, and the fixtures in question are attached to the realty. Under these circumstances, the lease is a lease of realty, not tangible personal property, and tax does not apply. 12/8/89.