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110.0000 ANIMAL LIFE AND FEED—Regulation 1587

Annotation 110.0650

(b) FEED

110.0650 Drugs Used in Feed Manufacturing. The following list of substances are nontaxable when incorporated into feed used or sold as feed for animal life of a kind the products of which ordinarily constitute food for human consumption. Tax does not apply regardless of whether the substance is used to promote growth or to prevent disease in animals which consume the feed.

A D & E Prmx Flavomycin

ADRK Prmx 83 Furox 100 & 180

Amprol Gallimycin

Amprol Plus Ipropran

Bacitracin MD 50 Lincomix

Bio Cox Manganese Sulfate

BV Supp. E. Prmx Nopstress

Coban Olson Layer Prmx

Corbosep Pen Strep

CTC 50 Piperazine

Rofenaid T-Vit G 83

Stepcillin F-25 T-Vit SB 83

Stutts Starter Prmx Tylan 10

TM 50 & 100 Vitamin D & E. 8/30/85.

Trace #10

(Note: Changes to drugs and medicines in section 6358.4, operative April 1, 1996, and subdivision (e) of section 6358, operative January 1, 1997.) (Am. 2000–2).