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105.0000 AIRCRAFT—Regulation 1593

Annotation 105.0010

105.0010 Aircraft—Purchaser Liable for Sales Tax. A purchaser of an aircraft gave an exemption certificate to a California aircraft dealer. In the certificate he claimed that he was a nonresident of California and that he would make no use of the aircraft here, other than its removal from the state. The purchaser owned real property in California, and Oregon and spent time in Oregon, California and Arizona. The purchaser filed California resident income tax returns, claimed a homeowners exemption on a residence located in California, and owned a vehicle licensed and registered in this state. The aircraft was flown to Oregon on the date of purchase and did not reenter California until it was put up for sale two years later.

Since the aircraft was delivered in California it is a sales tax transaction. The seller was relieved of the liability for the tax due to the purchaser's issuance of an exemption certificate. The purchaser is not entitled to the exemption provided by Regulation 1593 (a)(3), since he was a California resident at the time of purchase.

As the result of issuing an erroneous certificate, the buyer is liable for the sales tax on the purchase price of the aircraft, pursuant to Regulation 1667 (b)(3). 5/23/93.