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Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2018

Sales And Use Tax Law


Returns and payments.

If a retailer's estimated measure of tax averages $17,000 or more per month, he shall, after notification by the board, make specified prepayments of the state and local tax (6 percent) and district transactions (sales) and use tax, where applicable. The prepayments are credited against the taxes due for the quarterly period in which the prepayments became due.

All sellers must file quarterly returns with the board on or before the last day of the month following each quarterly period, except that the board may require, in some cases, filing of returns for other than quarterly periods. Returns are to be made on forms prescribed by the board and must be accompanied by a remittance of the amount shown thereon to be due, payable to the State Board of Equalization.

Failure to pay any tax or determination within the time required by the code will result in the imposition of a 10-percent penalty. Failure to make a prepayment will result in a 6-percent penalty.

If a return is not filed, a determination of the amount of tax due will be made and 10-percent penalty added thereto.