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Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2018

Additional Local Taxes



7287. Authority to levy; rate of tax; "aerosol paint container"; "felt tip marker"; "marking substance"; "marking instrument". (a) The legislative body of any city or county, or city and county, may levy a tax by an ordinance approved by two-thirds of the electors voting on the measure, in addition to any other tax authorized by this division, on the privilege of selling at retail within its jurisdiction aerosol paint containers, containers of any other marking substance, felt tip markers which have a flat or angled writing surface of one-half inch or greater, or any other marking instruments, at the rate of no more than ten cents ($0.10) per aerosol paint container or container of other marking substance, and no more than five cents ($0.05) per felt tip marker or other marking instrument.

(b) For purposes of this chapter, "aerosol paint container" means any aerosol container, regardless of the material from which it is made, which is adapted or made for the purpose of spraying paint capable of defacing property.

(c) For purposes of this chapter, "felt tip marker" means any broad-tipped indelible marker or similar implement containing an ink that is not water-soluble.

(d) For purposes of this chapter, "marking substance" and "marking instrument" means any substance or instrument, other than aerosol paint containers and felt tip markers, which could be used to draw, spray, paint, or mark, including, but not limited to, shoe polish applicators.

* Chapter 3 was added by Stats. 1990, Ch. 1411, in effect January 1, 1991.