Laws, Regulations & Annotations

Business Taxes Law Guide – Revision 2010

Tax on Insurers Law

Chapter 6. Suspension of Rights of Delinquent Insurers.

Article 2. Suspended Corporate Insurers

Section 12834

12834. Evidence; certified copies of lists of delinquent corporations. The certified copies of lists of corporations which have failed to pay the taxes, interest, and penalties imposed upon insurers transmitted by the Controller to county clerks and county recorders for filing or recording in their respective offices, or a copy of these lists certified by the Controller, are receivable in evidence in any court in lieu of the original record of suspension or forfeiture on file with the Controller, and are prima facie evidence of the truth of all statements contained.

History.—Stats. 1959, p. 1893, in effect April 1, 1959, inserted "interest, and penalties" after "taxes." Stats. 1973, Ch. 665, effective January 1, 1974, added "or recording".