Whether you are beginning your career, looking for the next opportunity, or ready to take the next professional step, there may be a place for you at the Board of Equalization (BOE).

As a nationally recognized leader in the field of tax administration, the BOE provides its employees a challenging and supportive work environment while administering 25 different tax programs which include: sales and use taxes, excise taxes on tobacco and alcohol products, fuel taxes, environmental fees, and property taxes.

The BOE is committed to providing quality services, products, and information to the public. To effectively carry out such commitments, the BOE employs well-qualified individuals in a variety of professional and technical positions including business taxes representatives, tax auditors, tax technicians, accountants, appraisers, programmers, and analysts.

For questions about vacancies or the hiring process, call (916) 324-4807 or email us at boeexams@boe.ca.gov.

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Here are the steps to obtaining employment with the Board of Equalization:

  1. Log in to your jobs.ca.gov account or create a profile.
  2. If you find a position that you want to apply for, you must take and pass the exam for that position's classification. Each classification specifies the position's salary range, and has minimum educational and/or work experience requirements. Please note that your eligibility is good for a limited number of months, and you may need to retake those exams in the future if your eligibility expires.
  3. Search the BOE vacancies and follow the instructions on the job bulletin to apply. You can also search for other state vacancies.
  4. To get email alerts when vacancies for your job classification(s) are added, sign up with CalHR's eNotify.

Here is a list of classifications you may be eligible for if you have obtained a high school diploma, associate's degree, or have earned a Bachelor's Degree.

Examination Announcements

  • Open – These classifications are open to the general public based on work experience and/or educational background. External and internal candidates are welcome to apply if they meet the minimum requirements.
  • Promotional – These classifications generally require specialized work experience with the BOE and internal candidates are encouraged to apply.
  • Career Executive Assignments (CEA) – CEAs are high-level managerial positions, tasked with developing and implementing policy. They may serve in a department Director's cabinet or form part of the department's executive staff.

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The BOE invests in its employees. With online and hands-on educational training, staff can quickly learn new programs and move up in their careers. Additionally, with a high percentage of current employees looking to retire in the next few years, new employees have an opportunity to fill and promote into those positions.

Types of Jobs at Board of Equalization:

Like salary, eligibility for benefits depends on your job and whether your position is full-time, part-time, or intermittent. These are some of the benefits that BOE offers its employees:

  • Holidays
  • Long-term care program (CalPERS)
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Medical and dependent care reimbursement accounts (FlexElect)
  • Pre-tax parking
  • Training courses
  • Telework/work from home
  • Vacation, sick, and other paid leave
  • Vision insurance
  • Wellness and fitness
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