Nonprofit Online Seminar Course Descriptions

These presentations may be of particular interest to you if you are responsible for a nonprofit or faith-based organization. They are designed to assist you by covering the basic and necessary information you need.

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Nonprofit Online Seminar Course Title and Description
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Property Tax Exemptions
State Board of Equalization

In this video you will be introduced to the property tax exemption process. The presentation covers eligibility requirements, types of property exemptions, and explains how qualifying nonprofit and exempt organizations can file for an exemption.

Sales and Use Taxes for Nonprofit Organizations
State Board of Equalization

Take this course on how sales and use tax impact nonprofit and exempt organizations. You will learn the difference between the two types of tax and how to identify if your organization is eligible to qualify for special exemptions

Compliance for Existing Exempt Organizations
Franchise Tax Board

Did you know that most charities and nonprofit organizations here in California must apply and receive a determination or acknowledgement letter from the Franchise Tax Board in order to be recognized as tax-exempt in California? Take this course to learn how your exempt organization can remain compliant with state law and what the filing requirements are.

Stay Exempt – Tax Basics for Exempt Organizations
Internal Revenue Service

Learn how to maintain your organization’s exempt status. This course covers the topics of qualifying for the 501(c)(3) exemption status, understanding the difference between nonprofit and exempt organizations, and how to avoid activities that may jeopardize your 501(c)(3) status.

Regulation of Charities and Fundraisers
The California Attorney General

The California Attorney General requires all charitable trustees and fundraising professionals to register and file annual financial disclosure reports. In addition, nonprofit organizations that conduct raffles for charitable purposes are required to register and file a financial report for each raffle held. This in-depth PowerPoint will go over what you need to know about the regulation of charities and fundraisers

Employment Taxes and the Nonprofit Organization
Employee Development Department

If you are having trouble viewing the EDD’s web-based training modules, download the free web player here.

Do you know the difference between an employee and independent contractor? This presentation will teach you the difference on how to classify workers, plus help to uncover common misconceptions about the laws affecting employment status.

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